(Requires CoPilot 10.27 and higher)

CoPilot navigation offers a wide range of driver safety features—from speed and sudden slowdown alerts to notifications about restricted roads and bad weather. In CoPilot 10.27 and higher, those on-road events are now captured and displayed in the RouteReporter web tool. Fleet managers can review events as part of their post-trip analysis to help improve driver safety in the future.

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How on-road events are tracked

If you are licensed for RouteReporter, and have devices running CoPilot 10.27 and higher, on-road events are automatically recorded by vehicle or by driver—depending on how your fleet is set up in Account Manager. (Events related to weather and traffic may require additional CoPilot licensing.)

Viewing on-road events

You can view on-road events in RouteReporter by expanding the route card for any route you want to review. 

  1. If the route had events including warnings for low bridges, restricted roads, rollover risk, speed slowdowns, speeding, or weather notifications, you will see the Safety Alert badge.
  2. The route’s total number of events will then be listed next to Events

A route card for a route with 16 events.

Select the right arrow at the top of the card to expand the Route Details, including more information about each event.

Event Details for the first three of the 16 events on this trip. The list can be scrolled to view all events.

Events and details

The chart below describes the on-road events that are tracked by CoPilot and displayed in RouteReporter.

EventDescriptionAdditional CoPilot licensing required?
Speed alertsWhen a driver has exceeded the speed alert threshold in CoPilot.No
Traffic slowdown alerts

When a driver was warned of a traffic slow down.

Traffic detoursWhen a driver was prompted with an alternate route due to traffic.Yes
Driver goes on to a restricted roadWhen a driver drives onto a road their vehicle should not be on.No
High rollover risk alertsWhen a driver travels above the minimum speed limit for a high rollover turn.No
Weather events during an active trip

When a weather notification is displayed to the driver during a trip. 

Out-of-RouteWhen a driver leaves or rejoins the planned route.No