(North America only. Requires CoPilot or later.)

CoPilot can alert drivers to potential rollover risk points along their route. Rollover locations have been identified with the help of Trimble’s strategic telematics partners, based on real-life logistics data.

How it Works

The driver will only receive an alert if their current planned route path matches the approach path to a rollover risk point, and their current speed is high enough to have triggered rollover risk events for other drivers. For example, if a truck approaches a high rollover risk turn at 50 mph, the driver would receive an alert. If they took the same turn at 25 mph, they would not.  

CoPilot will announce, “Warning, approaching a high-risk rollover area. Please proceed with caution.” A visual warning will also appear on the navigation screen, as shown below. 

Setting Road Warnings

The rollover warnings are configured into the CoPilot application and cannot be turned off by the driver. A driver or fleet manager may set the distance at which a warning is received using the Road Warnings settings in Settings > Safety Alerts & Warnings

The warning automatically disappears when the driver passes the hazardous area.

NOTE: If using Clear Turn Display, Road Warnings should be set to the farthest distance (1000 yards ahead) to be sure a rollover warning appears on screen before the Clear Turn Display, as many rollover risks are related to turns. In any case, the drive will receive the audio alert.