Available in CoPilot and Higher

Requires ActiveTraffic and Truck Licenses

A sudden slowdown in traffic is a major hazard for a large commercial vehicle which, at higher speeds, can require almost twice as much distance as a car to brake to a stop.  

To help encourage driver safety, CoPilot provides warning alerts for trucks when a sudden traffic slowdown is detected ahead on an interstate (North America) or motorway (Europe). The alert is issued up to 5 miles (8 km) before the traffic incident to give the driver time to slow down and potentially avoid an accident. Alerts are provided as voice only or voice with an optional pop-up message.

The slowdown alert is active only when CoPilot is using a Vehicle Routing Profile for a truck or school bus and the driver is traveling on an interstate or motorway. It is not available for smaller vehicles (cars, caravans and motorbikes). The alerts are also not issued if traffic in the slowdown area is moving faster than 40 mph.

Configuring Alerts

The alerts are standard for versions of CoPilot downloaded from app stores, as long as you have an ActiveTraffic license. Customers who have integrated CoPilot using our SDKs can modify or turn off the alerts