CoPilot generates truck routes that adhere to restrictions based on a vehicle’s dimensions, load (hazmat) and vehicle type.  To help a driver avoid an unsafe situation, CoPilot provides a series of text and audio warnings in situations where:

  • The driver must travel on a restricted road because his or her destination is located there.
  • The driver ignores CoPilot's guidance and drives onto a restricted road.


Location: East Randolph St, Chicago, IL, 41.884502, -87.626140

Restrictions: Truck Restricted, Low Bridge, One-Way

CoPilot Version:

CoPilot would never route a truck onto this road unless the destination was on this road. In that case, CoPilot:

  • Warns the driver immediately when the trip starts that East Randolph Street is a restricted road.
  • Warns the driver after turning onto the road to stop because there is a low bridge.

If the driver reaches the destination on East Randolph, CoPilot:

  • Clears the destination from the list of stops on the trip.
  • Warns the driver that East Randolph is a restricted road and to obey local laws.
  • Discontinues guidance (voice and text on the bottom of the screen). CoPilot continues to follow the driver so he or she can see where they are on the map, but will not provide further guidance until the driver leaves the restricted road.

Other Warnings

Other situations in which CoPilot would provide warnings at the start of the trip, and once the driver reaches the restricted road, include:

  • Hazmat restricted roads
  • Roads with time-based restrictions