This table describes some of the more common licensing errors you may encounter when installing CoPilot.

Error codeText in CoPilotReason for errorHow to fix
Unable to complete activation (Error -720)
This is a generic licensing error.Check with your account administrator or contact our support team to verify your licensing.
No internet connection detected, please check your settings and try again.
The device does not have an internet connection or cannot contact the Trimble Maps servers.Check the device settings and turn on internet connectivity.
1017You have used characters within your email address that we cannot support. Please use a different email address (Error 1017)
Invalid emailTry a different email address.
-1102No licenses assigned. Please contact your administrator. (Error - 1102)
A CoPilot license has not been assigned to the Asset ID you are trying to use to log in to CoPilot.Check in Account Manager whether the ID has been assigned a license.
-1009Please check if your email address/Username and Company ID are correct then try again... Error (-1009)

The Asset ID (Email or Username), Company ID, or both, you are trying to use to log in to CoPilot do not exist.

Check in Account Manager whether the ID passed exists in your list of assets.
-TEMP002, -1104
Company account not found. Error (-1104)
The External Account ID and Partner ID combination does not resolve to any account.
Contact us to confirm your partner credentials.
Invalid passwordPasswords can be reset in Account Manager.