Trimble MAPS has received a number of customer questions related to the widely reported security vulnerability found in the Apache Log4j 2 Java library, an open source logging framework. 

In light of this incident, we completed a thorough review of all of our web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as our cloud-based services. We have confirmed that Trimble MAPS product code and applications have no direct external exposure to this possible security flaw

However, as security is always a priority at Trimble MAPS, we are:

  • Updating security tools and vendor libraries as they are released to get their latest updates as this incident continues to evolve. 
  • Working with Trimble Inc.’s corporate security team and continuously refreshing our datasets and driving remediation as needed.

We continue to monitor any new developments. Please click Submit Ticket at the top of this screen to contact our support team if you have additional questions.