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The road classes in our map data were updated to improve the last mile of your route calculations. However, CoPilot only includes these classes in calculations if you are running version 10.19 or higher. As a result, the map data you download from the CoPilot Professional Partner Portal depends on the CoPilot version on your devices. 

What has changed in the data?

Two new road classes have been added to our data. Combined with recent improvements to CoPilot’s routing algorithm, these new classes provide better last-mile routing and more precise ETAs. The classes are:

  • Sublocal: Roads accessible by vehicles but not suitable for through-routes, including alleys, driveways, parking lots and service roads. 
  • Pathways: These are accessible to pedestrians, bicycles, and small, lightweight motorized vehicles. These paths are not accessible by automobile, trucks, buses or motorcycles, except possibly in emergencies or for maintenance purposes

How does this update improve routing?

These new, lower road classes can help our routing algorithm:

  • Avoid inappropriate roads for large trucks, especially during the final mile of routing to a delivery or pickup location.
  • Find a more direct route as long as sublocal roads and pathways are safe and legal for the type of vehicle being driven.
  • More quickly get to higher class roads where traffic moves faster.
  • More strongly avoid sublocal roads and pathways labeled as “no through traffic,” unless a stop is located on them.

Example 1

CoPilot takes the more direct route using the sublocal road network as both stops are within the same connected sublocal network.

Example 2

CoPilot avoids using sublocal roads as a cut through and now prioritizes leaving the sublocal parking lot network to get back to the local and secondary roads.

Example 3

CoPilot stays within the sublocal network within the school site, instead of exiting the site just to re-enter on the other side.

How do these changes affect CoPilot portal map downloads?

As of Feb. 4, 2021, there are two versions of map data available from the portal:

CoPilot 10.14 and lower

Use this map data if your fleet’s devices are running on a version of CoPilot that is 10.14 or lower. If you have mixed versions of CoPilot deployed to your fleet, you should only use this map data set.

CoPilot 10.19 and higher

Use this map data if all of your fleet’s devices are running on a version of CoPilot that is 10.19 or higher. Please note this map data is unsuitable for older versions of CoPilot.

To find these maps on the portal you will need to do the following:

  1. Open the Maps folder
  2. Select the appropriate version of CoPilot.

If you are not sure which version of CoPilot is on a particular device, you can:

What impact does this have on over-the-air map downloads?

Devices using over-the-air will automatically download the appropriate map data for the version in use. If the device is running CoPilot 10.19 or higher, it will benefit from the new road classes.