The error "CoPilot failed to find a valid route to your destination" can occur for many reasons. Below are some common causes and solutions.

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Bad Data

A bad location may have been entered into CoPilot, such as GPS coordinates that fall in a body of water, in a nature reserve or on private property. (Private roads are not on our road network). Solution: Double check the locations you have entered into CoPilot.

Current GPS Location

Similarly, the current GPS location of CoPilot may be too far from a road on the road network, such as in the middle of a forest or on a large private property.  Solution: Make sure the user's current location is on a road known in our road network and advise them not to plan a trip to or from private roads, bodies of water, etc. 

Maps Unavailable

The map data needed to route to that location may not be available on the CoPilot device because:

  • That Map set assigned to the device in Account Manager does not include that location.
  • The map regions installed on the device do not include that location.
  • You are not licensed for all map regions needed to plan the route. For example, if a trip is planned from the UK to Germany and goes through France, you need to be licensed for all three countries.

Solution: Go to Settings > About CoPilot to view which map data is currently installed on the device. Make sure the map data covers the locations where you are routing. In the screenshot below, for example, CoPilot would not be able to generate a route to a location outside of the five states listed here. 

Corruption of Maps

It's unusual but possible that maps can become corrupted after an update or download. Solution: Close CoPilot, delete the map data (folders: NA, pic, speech, info, gpstracks), re-launch and download the map data again. 

Routing Over Bodies of Water

A "valid route" error can be triggered if a large section of the route involves a ferry (penalty). Example: a trip from Australia to New Zealand.