CoPilot always attempts to route to a destination on safe and legal roads based on the type of vehicle set in the vehicle routing profile. If a driver needs to be detoured or decides to depart from the original CoPilot route, we recommend he or she select an alternate route to the destination before continuing.

Select an Alternate Route 

  1. Tap the Menu button and select Trip. The MAP screen will pop up, showing possible alternate routes to the destination from the current location. 

  2. Tap the time and distance info box on the desired new route line. It will turn blue. 

  1. Tap the green button to calculate the new route and begin navigation. 

Alternate Routes to Avoid Traffic

If CoPilot is licensed for the traffic service, it automatically offers an alternate route to avoid traffic if it finds a significantly faster route. The driver can accept or decline that new route.

Re-Routing Without Stopping (Not Recommended)

If the driver exits the route and keeps driving without choosing an alternate route, CoPilot will automatically determine a new route to the destination based on the current location. While this works well in many cases, it may not in others—especially with larger trucks:

  • A 53-foot truck, for example, may not have a legal, alternate route nearby. In that case, CoPilot may continue trying to take the driver back to the original road.

  • If the driver continues to ignore CoPilot’s instructions, CoPilot will repeatedly update in an effort to get the truck back to a safe and legal route.This process could continue until the driver ends up on a restricted road that CoPilot cannot navigate out of. (CoPilot will show a screen that says to contact the local authorities because it cannot safely get the driver out of there.)