In Content Tools, you can select road segments you want your vehicles to Avoid or Favor

  • Avoid: An avoided road segment is effectively treated as if it were closed unless no other road can be used for the route or if the total trip distance would be unacceptably inefficient.
  • Favor: A favored road segment will be used in a route unless it is not practical to do so.

Together, avoids and favors can be used to shape the routes generated both in PC*MILER or PC*MILER Web, and when imported to CoPilot FleetPortal, the routes generated in-cab by CoPilot Truck.

Avoids and favors can be viewed, created and updated by clicking on the Manage Route Modifiers tab in the top menu ribbon.

Creating an Avoid/Favor

Each Avoid or Favor is stored within a Route Modifier Set. To create new avoids and favors:

1.  Select a Route Modifier Set or create a New Set. (Note: A Closures set is available by default in Content Tools. You cannot add avoids and favors to that set.) 

2. Once you have selected a Route Modifier Set, click on Add New Modifier or click on a road in the map window to start adding avoids or favors. You can also Search for a new location to add avoids or favors. 

3. The road segment or segments you have selected will be highlighted in blue. 

4. In the Route Modifiers panel, you can choose whether to make the highlighted road segment an Avoid or a Favor

5. You can also Name the Avoid or Favor and add details in the Comments section.

5. Click on Save to save the new Avoid or Favor. An Avoid road segment will turn red in the map window; a Favor will turn green.