Road Closures are temporary restrictions for specific road segments that are created directly within Content Tools. They cause a road segment to be avoided when generating a route. 

Some fleets also take advantage of the Road Closures feature to avoid short-term construction projects or poorly maintained roads immediately after a heavy snowfall.

Creating a New Closure

1. Select the Closures Set in the Route Modifiers panel. (A Closures Set has already been created by default in Content Tools. You cannot have more than one closure set, or change the name of the closure set.)

2. Click on Add New Closure or click directly on a road to start adding closures. 

3. When you click on a road segment to create a Closure, it will turn blue. 

4. Once you have selected the full segment you would like to close, fill out the details of the Closure, including Name and any Comments, in the Route Modifiers panel.

5. Click on Save to save your new Closure. The closed road will turn red in the map window and will be added to the Closures Set. 

6. Use the red toggle button to hide or display closures on the map.