For North American regions only:

To submit a map improvement, please visit https:\\

For Europe, Australasia, South America, Africa, Asia and Middle Eastern regions:

Please report mapping errors via a support ticket with detail including street name/number, postcode and the correction needed to be made, along with the map data version number in Settings > About CoPilot.

For routing issues related to mapping, please provide the start and end destination, including any intermediate stop(s) and/or Waypoint(s) you may have used for further investigation.


NOTE: CoPilot maps are drawn based on those which can be viewed online at

This means that, for example, if a street is missing from your CoPilot, one of the following scenarios may present:

  1. the road is on and it is tracked as the real one;

  2. the road is on but it is misleading for those who must follow the instructions since it carries substantial errors;

  3. the road is missing on

Only in scenarios 2 and 3 it is worth to send an email ticket. In case 1, as the road and is already part of the changes made to the maps, it will be included in a future CoPilot update, so there is no need to contact us.


Thanks for your collaboration.