As with all navigation apps, CoPilot can be a quite power-hungry application. This is due to a number of reasons including continuous use of the GPS receiver, keeping the device backlight on all the time to display the map and also the frequency that we update or refresh the map (several times per second).

There are a few steps that can be recommended to users in the field, to reduce power consumption:

  1. Select ‘Directions’ view when navigating. This reduces power consumption as the CoPilot map is refreshed far less frequently. You can choose to view the map when you are close to a turn in Directions view. 
  2. Enable low power mode. (Settings > Power Saving). In Low Power mode the map display refreshes less frequently. You’ll notice your movement along the road is less fluid than usual, but the pay-off is improved battery life
  3. Reduce the brightness of your device screen. Keeping your device’s screen brightly lit continuously uses a huge amount of power. Reduce the brightness and you’ll improve battery performance.
  4. Use an in-car charger or docking station where possible.