Trimble MAPS recommends that the deployment of map data is managed as part of the product deployment and does not use the CoPilot map download capabilities. This will allow the deployment to keep control on the map data version being used, keeping a consistent state across all end users. Also this approach reduces the risk of an end user downloading an incorrect map region, which cannot be reset once completed.

If you are reliant upon the CoPilot map download:

  1. The user will be prompted to download the maps at first launch of CoPilot. The map storage location will be determined by the device default location, on some operating systems multiple options are available, at which point CoPilot will ask the user to choose the preferred location, including the SD card if available. 
  2. We strongly recommend downloading your required map regions via Wi-Fi. Before you start, please make sure you have Wi-Fi switched on and are connected to a network with a good signal. You can also download maps via 3G/4G, although this may incur data charges from your mobile provider.
  3. Choose the map region you wish to download from the list.

Please note you will only be able to download maps for a continent, region or country that you are licensed for. You will need to wait until your first map has finished downloading before you can begin navigating. The status of your map download will be displayed. You can choose to pause, resume or delete the map download. 

Once the map download is complete, the map will be stored on-board your device once this has occurred you will no longer require any network connection to use the navigation software. If you wish to utilize traffic features, or any of the other live services offered by CoPilot, a mobile network connection is required.

Read more about storage requirements for by CoPilot.