CoPilot maps are stored in your mobile device's internal storage, with no need for a constant mobile network connection. You will also need sufficient storage space to install and run the application.

When unpacking the installation files, CoPilot requires at least 1.5 times as much free disk space as the size of a map download. (For example, a 2.7 GB download of map data for all of North America would require 4.05 GB of free space). After the installation of CoPilot, the unused space is released again.

The amount of space needed to store maps varies depending on the map region you are installing, but typically:

  • A single European Country or North America region requires roughly 300 to 700 MB
  • Complete European maps require approximately 4 GB
  • All of North America (Canada + USA) requires 2.7 GB

If you are running low on internal memory space, smaller map regions can also be created using the Map sets feature in Account Manager.

If you believe that you may not have enough space on your device, please get in touch with us as there are a number of customization options that may be available to reduce the size as a last resort. Please note that map sizes change regularly and these increases in size can be significant.

For current map sizes, please contact us.