June 6, 2024

New Features

View external Trip IDs 

You can now view Trip IDs from your TMS or optimization tools, such as DRTrack, in RouteReporter. This value, if available, is displayed in RouteReporter in the External TripId field.

Filter and view on-road safety events

A new Account Settings tab allows you to select which safety events you would like to view or hide in RouteReporter. Events are displayed in the route card and as a clickable icon on the map for the route on which they occurred.

View Traffic Detour events 

CoPilot now sends a new on-road event called Traffic Detour whenever an alternate route is presented to a driver due to traffic. In the route card, Route Reporter displays the event name, coordinates, whether the driver accepted the detour, and the estimated time saved by the detour. Traffic Detour events will also be displayed a the map with a new icon.


The RouteReporter user interface was improved to enhance visualization and performance.

On-road safety events now include the city where the driver received the alert in CoPilot. This can be viewed in the Event Details section of a route card.

The search feature was enhanced to only display trips that are not modified. This filters out all the “child” routes to give you a cleaner view of trips. You can still view child routes within the route card of the trip.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where two different route sources might be displayed in the route card summary and when you expand it to view Route Details. 
  • Fixed an issue where the VehicleId in the route card summary, and GPS pings in the Route Details were not displayed in some accounts.
  • Fixed the back button so it doesn’t require unnecessary clicks to go to the previous page.