June 11, 2024

New Features

Schedule map updates to monitor device data consumption

(Contact us to add this feature to your account.) A new Map Updates features in Configure Fleet Settings allows you to set up a regular schedule for a fixed number of devices to receive the latest map update. This can help you monitor and control the amount of data your fleet consumers for map updates.


Invite drivers via text message

(North America only. Trial underway with select customers. Contact us to learn more.) Drivers can now be invited to download and install CoPilot on their devices via text (SMS) message. Previously, invites could only be sent via email. To send text messages, the Asset (driver) must have a valid phone number, and you must select one of the SMS options under Manage Account > Account Settings > Asset Invite Defaults.

Set defaults for inviting assets

In the Asset Invite Defaults dialog, you can also:

  • Set a Default Phone Country Code for SMS messages.
  • Toggle on Automatic Invitations so that an invitation is sent every time a new asset is added.


You can now filter your asset list by uploading a file with a list of assets. This list can be any subset of your entire asset list that you want filtered. This is useful if you need to select a list of assets that you might have on an external system, and then take a bulk action on this list, such as assigning a new license.

On the Assets screen, set the Filter Assets By: dropdown to List of Uploaded Individual Assets. You are then prompted to upload a CSV file with the list of Asset IDs you want to filter. 

Updated the naming of the Hazmat categories that can be assigned to a Vehicle Routing Profile to match other Trimble applications.

Added help text to the Allow Alternate Routes setting in a Configuration Profile.

In Configuration Profiles, the limit has been removed for the Out-of-Route Threshold (miles).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Set Password screen for an asset could appear twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the Assign and Un-Assign buttons are able to be clicked even though they are disabled as nothing is selected.
  • Fixed the weight conversion help text displayed when creating a Vehicle Routing Profile.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong time zone to be displayed.