The M25 motorway, a major road around London and one of the busiest in the United Kingdom, is expected to undergo a series of weekend closures in the coming months in order to complete repairs. The planned closures have prompted concerns about gridlock for the thousands of delivery drivers and logistics businesses that will be forced to route around the closures.

While the closures are likely to cause road delays, customers using Trimble Maps applications have several ways to plan ahead to find the best possible alternate routes.

When are closures happening?

The next full closure of a section of the M25 in Surrey is scheduled for 9 p.m. on Friday, May 10, until 6 a.m. on Monday, May 13, between Junction 9, at Leatherhead, and Junction 10, at Wisley. The remaining closures will take place between July and the end of 2024.

How do I route around the closure?

If you are using the live traffic service, CoPilot and PC*MILER web products (including maps and APIs) will automatically route around the closure during the time period that it is active.

Trimble also offers ContentTools, a web tool that allows you to create your own custom map content. In this case, you could create a temporary road closure on the section of M25 between Junctions 9 and 10. The next time CoPilot or PC*MILER sync with ContentTools, the new closure will prevent it from calculating routes that use the closed section of M25.

CoPilot's MAP screen displays a route between Leatherhead, GB, and Woking, GB, that would normally take the M25. The red highlight on M25 shows a closure created in ContentTools. Tap a white callout box to select an alternate route in CoPilot's MAP screen.

Visit the ContentTools home page and select GET ACCESS to learn more about accessing it. 

Required Traffic Settings

If you are licensed for the traffic service, follow the instructions below to be sure traffic information, including road closures, is taken into account when a route is calculated.


If traffic is licensed for a CoPilot device, traffic data is applied automatically.


If you want to be sure real-time traffic data is ALWAYS applied to routes, set the Arrival/Departure time for your trip to Depart Now and select Apply Traffic.

When you select Depart Now and Apply Traffic, PC*MILER searches for current road closures before calculating a route.

PC*MILER Web Services APIs and Maps

If you are licensed for traffic, and want to be sure that real-time data is ALWAYS applied to routes when calling Routing APIs, set the useTraffic parameter to true.

Appian DirectRoute

Please contact our support team to create a road avoid that will prevent DirectRoute from calculating routes that use the closed section of the M25.