For the best experience with CoPilot, you want to be sure you are using the most current version of the app as well as the most current map data. The Vehicle Summary Report in FleetPortal can show you the app and map data versions on each of your devices running CoPilot. 

You can also find that information by opening the Settings > About CoPilot screen on each device. 

To Find the Most Current App Version

Check the CoPilot release notes and make sure your version is at or near the version number in the current release. (The last four digits of your version number may vary slightly depending on whether you download CoPilot via our partner portal or via an app store.)

To Find the Most Current Map Data Version in North America

Check the North America map data releases notes to be sure you are using the most recent year and quarter of map data.  

If you sideload map data onto your device, you can also see the latest data sets in the CoPilot partner portal.

To Find the Most Current Map Data Version in Europe

To find the latest map data update, log in to the CoPilot partner portal.

How to Download the Latest App Version and Data

You can download the latest app version and data in the same way that you downloaded the app and maps when you first implemented CoPilot. Methods include:

  • App Stores, if you are using the Trimble MAPS Account Manager for licensing
  • The CoPilot Partner Portal
  • App downloads are also available via a public repository for customers who integrate CoPilot using CPIK libraries.