The Trimble MAPS database includes millions of commercial locations across North America that serve the transportation industry, including distribution centers, intermodal terminals, manufacturing plants, truck stops, and more. These Verified Places can be searched and viewed on the map in ContentTools; used in routing planning with PC*MILER and Trimble MAPS Routing APIs; and used as stop locations in CoPilot mobile navigation. 

Verified Places cannot be edited in ContentTools, but you can add your own Place ID, contact information, operating hours and comments.

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Finding Verified Places

Verified Places can be searched in the same way as Custom Places in ContentTools. Click Search in the top menu and type in your search term. The typeahead feature will pull up potential matches as you type. Verified Places will display a blue "Verified Place" tag.   

Adding Your Own Details to Verified Places

You can add your own Place ID, contact information, operating hours and comments to Verified Places in the Trimble MAPS database. These details are private to your company's account. The can be viewed in ContentTools and also called when using our Places API.  

If you search and find a Verified Place to which you'd like to add information, click the arrow next to the Place name in the Search panel to bring up its details. Click the pencil icon to begin adding your information. You can add:

  • Your own Place ID. This string value is in addition to the TrimblePlaceId assigned by Trimble MAPS. It can be a more “human readable” value, such as your company’s existing shortcode for the location.
  • A website
  • A phone number
  • Operating hours for each day of the week
  • Comments about location
  • Within Site Manager: Add custom Entry/Exit Paths to Gates; Add custom Gate Notes (Driver Guidance at this Gate)

If these fields already include public information for the Verified Place, you can still add your own information in addition to the public information. Your private information and the public information will both be visible in Content Tools. You can decide when information to call (public or private) when using the Places API.