If your account is enabled for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) integration with a Trimble MAPS partner, you can have all of your assets retrieved directly from the ELD cloud. An importer will run periodically in the background and retrieve any changes made to the assets. Updates will be reflected in Account Manager during subsequent logins.

To be sure your asset information remains consistent, you won't be able to add or edit assets in Account Manager. This would have to be done with your ELD provider. 

You will be prompted to create this ELD sync when you complete the Account Manager set up wizard.

To set up the sync at a later time: 

If the Assets screen shows zero assets, you can click on Sync Assets. You will be prompted to enter your Username, Database Name and Password for your ELD provider. 

Alternatively, in the Account Settings screen, you can click on the Enable Data Integration Sync toggle. You will be prompted to enter your Username, Database Name and Password for your ELD provider. If you have already set up a sync, this button will be toggled to on. 

Once your assets have been imported, they will be shown in the Assets screen. You can begin assigning licenses to those assets