The Account Manager makes it easy to assign licenses for CoPilot or MileOn to new users.

Step 1: Add a user to the account

  1. On the Overview screen, click the New User button. 
  2. A dialog will pop up where you can enter information about the new user.
  3. Enter the user’s information, including Email Address, Phone, First and Last names.
  4. Under Assign Product(s), check a box to choose the License Type—CoPilot, MileOn, or both—while viewing your remaining number of available licenses.
  5. Click Add User after you have entered all of the information.
  6. The user will appear in your Users list.

Step 2: Invite the user to join your company

  1. When you first add a new user, you will see an Invite button listed under the Invite column next to the user's information.
  2. Click the Invite button to invite the user to install the apps you have assigned to him or her on your company account. 
  3. The Invite button will change to read Sent.
  4. The user will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on how to download the app and activate the license in a two-step process.

Step 3: Follow up with the user

  1. After you send the invitation, you will see a Re-Send button under the Invite column for that user. You can click that button to send a new invitation, if necessary.
  2. Once the user has installed the app and activated the license, you will see Activated listed under the Invite column for that user.