Within the next few weeks, the functionality of FleetPortal will be moving to the Account Manager web tool to help you better manage CoPilot licenses and settings all in one place.

When the transition happens, all FleetPortal data will automatically be transferred into Account Manager. No action is required. However, you will make any future updates in Account Manager, and FleetPortal will no longer be available. 

What is happening?

In FleetPortal, fleets create groups of vehicles or drivers, and then assign settings such as vehicle routing profiles and map sets to those groups. These settings are necessary before a fleet begins using CoPilot. By moving FleetPortal settings to Account Manager, our web application for managing CoPilot licenses, fleets will now have a single web tool to:

  • Add new assets (vehicles, devices or drivers), assign them CoPilot licenses, and immediately add them to vehicle or driver groups for CoPilot settings.
  • View or edit existing assets as well as the groups they belong to for CoPilot settings.
  • Create or update vehicle routing profiles and maps sets, and assign custom location content (from ContentTools) to new or existing groups. 

Account Manager will provide the exact same features as FleetPortal. Only the look and location of the application are changing.

FleetPortal, left, and the new Configure Fleet Settings in Account Manager

How do I access FleetPortal setting Account Manager?

If you are an existing Account Manager user, you will log in with your Trimble ID, the same way you have in the past. A new Configure Fleet Settings tab in Account Manager will open a page where you can view or edit your existing FleetPortal settings. 

Once the transition happens, you will be redirected to Account Manager if you try to access FleetPortal.


We will provide more details once the date of the FleetPortal to Account Manager transition is finalized. Please contact us with questions.