Error code -1009 is a licensing error that indicates the Asset ID (Email or Username), Company ID, or both, you are trying to use to log in to CoPilot do not exist.

To fix this error:

Step 1: Check the Asset ID

  1. Log in to Account Manager with your company’s account. 
  2. In the Assets screen, be sure the Asset ID (Email or Username) you are using to log in to CoPilot matches one of the assets in the first column. (Usually under the heading Vehicle ID or Driver ID.)
  3. If it does not match, you need to either add it as a new asset and assign a license or select another asset that is already assigned a license, and use it to log in to CoPilot.
  4. If it does match one of the assets in that column, make sure that asset has been assigned a license. If it has been assigned a license, CoPilot Truck is listed under the asset's Products column and the Status is Assigned.

Step 2: Check the Company ID

If the Asset ID and licensing seems correct, next check whether the Company ID you are entering in CoPilot matches the Company ID for your account. Company ID is a six-digit code found at the top of the Account Manager screen.

If you are using the correct credentials, and still can't log in to CoPilot, please contact us.