Trimble MAPS continuously updates its map data so you can generate the best routes for your vehicles. Below are highlights of updates made by our team of mapping experts in North America for Q1.1 2021. For more details, please refer to the .pdf file attached to this article. 

NOTE: Data updates may be made available in different products at different times. The type of data available also depends on your licensing. Please contact us if you are unsure of your data licensing.


  • Updates to the road network were made in 208 counties
  • 38 new construction road projects were added
  • Truck attributes were updated; totaling more than 900,000 miles
  • Truck through-travel restrictions were updated within 56 city limits
  • Weight limits were updated in Saskatchewan, New York
  • Tolls were updated to reflect new rates in New York, Quebec, Texas
  • City points and postal codes were updated for the US and Canada
  • 2,316 new Places added to the Places Database (1,389 distribution centers, 920 manufacturing plants, and 7 truck stops)
  • 2,233 new Site locations were coded (1,327 distribution centers, 900 manufacturing plants, and 6 truck stops)
  • More than 3,400 customer-reported issues were fixed
  • More than 244 miles of new highway-level network was added to the United States

Select Construction Updates

A sampling of the construction updates in this release:

Eastern Region


MA-28 and George Ryder Road – The intersection of MA-28 and George Ryder Road has been reconfigured into a roundabout.  Chatham, MA  41.68302N, 69.995527W

Midwest Region

IndianaIllinois Street and Fidelity Way Roundabout – The intersection of Illinois Street and Fidelity Way was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Carmel, IN  39.953785N, 86.162417W
KentuckyUS-68 Realignment – US-68 was realigned between Sam Downs Road and KY-1489.  Cadiz, KY  36.814031N, 87.8862W
MissouriMO-1 and Northeast Parvin Road – The intersection of MO-1 and Northeast Parvin Road was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Avondale, MO  39.167392N, 94.552944W

OH-73 and Jacksonburg Road – The intersection of OH-73 and Jacksonburg Road was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Trenton, OH  39.484573N, 84.512453W

South Region

FloridaUS-41 and Fruitville Road Roundabout – The intersection of US-41 and Fruitville Road was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Sarasota, FL  27.338877N, 82.546811W
GeorgiaH F Reed Industrial Parkway Extension  – a new section of H F Reed Industrial Parkway between GA-13 and Thurmon Tanner Parkway is now open.  Flowery Branch, GA 34.200168N, 83.890543W
North CarolinaI-85 Widening Project – Major reconfiguration of the Interchanges of I-85 (Exit 68) and NC-152 & US-29 and NC-152.  This project included a new roundabout at NC-152 and Yost Town Road and the demolishment of the original interchange of I-85 and US-29 one mile to the north.  China Grove, NC  35.572202N, 80.559644W
South CarolinaSC-3 and SC-394 Roundabout – The intersection of SC-3 and SC-394 was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Salley, SC  33.60136N, 81.226726W
OklahomaI-44 and I-235 Flyovers – Two new flyovers between northbound I-235 and westbound I-77 & eastbound I-44 and northbound I-235.  Oklahoma City, OK  35.529248N, 97.512755W
TexasTX-31 Bypass – A new bypass around the southeast side of Hubbard between County Route 3350 and County Route 3322.  Hubbard, TX  31.840443N, 96.788366W

Southwest Region


I-5 (Golden State Freeway) Exit 147 – The interchange of I-5 and West Empire Avenue has been reconfigured.  Burbank, CA  34.193436N, 118.329501W


Prince Edward Island

PE-1 and St Peters Road – The intersection of PE-1 and St Peters Road was reconfigured into a Reduced Conflict Intersection.  Charlottetown, PE  46.26872N, 63.113907W

U.S. ZIP Codes Added

  • 15479 Rostraver Township, PA, Westmoreland
  • 15479 Rostraver Twp, PA, Westmoreland
  • 94595 Lafayette, CA, Contra Costa
  • 94597 Lafayette, CA, Contra Costa

Canadian Postal Codes Added

  • L7R 3V7 Burlington, ON
  • V4M 0B9 Tsawwassen, BC
  • V9S 5L0 Nanaimo, BC
  • 3,851 Additional Canadian postal codes added in annual update

U.S. ZIP Code Location Change

  • 81020 Aguilar, CO, Las Animas

Canadian Postal Code Location Changes

  • K0E 1T0 Prescott, ON
  • L4H 4M2 Woodbridge, ON
  • T6E 3N6 Edmonton, AB
  • T6E 5B3 Edmonton, AB
  • 4,836 Additional Canadian postal codes moved in annual update

Canadian Postal Code Naming Changes

  • B0H 1G0 North Riverside, NS
  • B0V 1A0 Conway, NS
  • B2T 0N7 Devon, NS
  • B4B 0S3 Lucasville, NS
  • J7T 2C4 Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
  • K0L 2H0 North Kawartha, ON
  • K2H 7V6 Ottawa, ON
  • L1Y 1G3 Claremont, ON
  • L3T 2A7 Thornhill, ON
  • L4H 0A5 Woodbridge, ON
  • L4H 0J2 Woodbridge, ON
  • L4H 0K8 Woodbridge, ON
  • L4H 0R9 Woodbridge, ON
  • L4H 0S5 Woodbridge, ON
  • L4H 4N5 Woodbridge, ON
  • M4G 0B5 Toronto, ON
  • N3S 0H5 County Of Brant, ON
  • N8N 0E3 Tecumseh, ON
  • P7G 0S3 Gorham, ON
  • S4L 0E2 White City, SK
  • T0A 1N4 Sturgeon County, AB
  • T4C 0G6 Rocky View County, AB
  • T4E 2R7 Lacombe County, AB
  • T8W 5J3 Grande Prairie, AB
  • V0N 1P0 Galiano Island, BC

SPLC Additions

  • 494685000 Miramar Beach, FL, Walton

SPLC Location Corrections

  • 217778000 Smithton, PA, Westmoreland
  • 749163000 Aguilar, CO, Las Animas
  • 876177000 Walnut Creek, CA, Contra Costa

Toll Updates

New York

  • Peace Bridge - rates change as of 3/1/2021 


  • A 30 Express Bridge - rates change as of 2/27/2021


  • US 183 Toll opened direct connector ramps to TX SR 71 with tolls as of 2/23/2021; at 97.683093W, 30.224761N

Places Data


All border locations were updated


79 new locations were added to the database


Seven new locations were added to the database


920 new locations were added to the database

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