(Requires CoPilot 10.19 and Higher. U.S. and Canada Only)

This feature must be added to your FleetPortal account by contacting our Support Team. To contact Support, click Submit Ticket at the top of this screen.


FleetPortal allows you to create subsets of map data in the U.S. and Canada and assign those custom sets to only the vehicle groups that require those maps. This feature can help save disk space on your devices running CoPilot, and it can reduce the time and wireless data needed to download maps and map updates.

To get started, click the Mapsets button.

Create a Mapset

  1. On the Mapsets page, click Create Mapset.
  2. Select the map subregions (up to 10) that you would like to include in that set. For example, in North America, a subregion could be a region of the country (i.e. Midwest) or an individual state or province (i.e. New Jersey or Alberta).
  3. Give the set a name and click Save to save it. 
  4. You can also check Use as Default if you would like this mapset applied to all new vehicles added to this FleetPortal account that are not part of a Vehicle Group. Vehicle Groups can be also assigned mapsets directly (see below).

Assign a Mapset to a Vehicle Group

Assigning mapsets to specific Vehicle Groups can help ensure you are providing maps to only those drivers who need them. For example, if you have a group that only operates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you could create a mapset for just those two states and assign it to that group. 

To assign a mapset after it is created: 

  1. Click the Vehicle Group Assignments tab. 
  2. Click Add and check the box next to the Vehicle Group(s) to which you would like to assign the mapset.
  3. Click OK to finish.

You can also assign mapsets to Vehicle Groups on the Vehicle Groups page.

  1. Select the Mapsets tab.
  2. Click Add, and follow the same steps as assigning a mapset on the Mapsets page.

Mapsets FAQs

Which versions of CoPilot support Mapsets from FleetPortal?

CoPilot 10.19 and higher

How many map subregions can be included in a single Mapset in FleetPortal?

Each Mapset is limited to 10 subregions to maximize the performance of CoPilot. A subregion could be a region of the country (i.e. Midwest) or an individual state (i.e. New Jersey). (For versions below CoPilot, the limit is 5 regions.)

What happens if no Mapsets are created and assigned in FleetPortal?

If the Mapsets feature is enabled for your company’s account, no mapsets have been assigned to the device, and no other map data is present, CoPilot will download maps for its current location upon launch. (Requires CoPilot or higher)

How are default Mapsets used? 

When CoPilot makes a request to FleetPortal for a Mapset, the following checks are done:

  • If the CoPilot asset belongs to a Vehicle Group, then the Mapset assigned to the group will be downloaded on CoPilot.
  • If the CoPilot asset does not belong to a Vehicle Group, then the default Mapset will be downloaded on CoPilot.

Is the default Mapset assigned to new Vehicle groups added to FleetPortal?

No. Default Mapsets do not get assigned to new Vehicle Groups created on FleetPortal. 

How can I check which Mapset is assigned to a CoPilot asset?

The Mapsets assigned to each CoPilot asset can be viewed in the CustomMapset column in the Vehicle Summary Report

What happens when a CoPilot asset belongs to multiple Vehicle Groups and each group is assigned a different Mapset?

  • If the number of map regions within the different Mapsets is less than or equal to 5 map subregions, then CoPilot will download all map regions.
  • If the number of map regions within the different Mapsets is greater than 5 map subregions, then CoPilot will not download any map region. Note: Managers can identify CoPilot assets that have been assigned more than 5 map subregions in the Vehicle Summary Report.

Do the map regions download over WiFi or a cell network?

If you purchased CoPilot from a Reseller Partner/Telematics provider, it depends on our contracts with your Telematics provider and varies on a case-by-case basis. By default, the setting is to download map regions over WiFi for our direct customers. Our support team can configure your account to download only via WiFi or both WiFi and cell network. 

Is it possible to blacklist a WiFi hotspot to prevent map downloads?

Yes, if there is a need to prevent downloading maps when devices are connected to a certain WiFi hotspots, please contact our support team using the Submit Ticket button at the top of this screen.

What happens if there is insufficient disk space on the device to download the map region?

CoPilot does not initiate the download of the map region until the disk space is available. Drivers will see the following message in CoPilot: