As an offline GPS navigation solution, CoPilot uses map data stored locally on the device. Data can be download over-the-air using Wi-Fi (preferred) or a mobile internet connect. It can also be side-loaded onto a device by following the instructions below.

For the best CoPilot performance, we recommended that you store data on the device's internal storage, not on an SD card. 

In this article:

Step 1: Download map data from the partner portal

To get started, log in to the CoPilot Partner Portal with the credentials provided to you to when you subscribed to CoPilot. If you haven't received login credentials please contact your Business Development representative. 

To download map data from the partner portal: 

  1. Select B2B > Maps 
  2. Select view map data next to the version of CoPilot on your devices. 
  3. Select Android > and the map region you would like to download. (For this example, we will select North America.)
  4. Select the year and quarter of the map data you want to download.
  5. Finally, download Android_{Year}_{Quarter}, which is the ZIP file containing the map data.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded the data

Extract the contents of the ZIP file on the machine where you downloaded it. 

Step 3: Install map data on a CoPilot device 

The map data should be stored on the device's internal storage. 

  1. Browse to Internal Storage > Android > Data
  2. Create a new folder titled com.alk.copilot.mapviewer.
  3. Open that folder, and create a new folder titled Files.
  4. Copy the extracted map data folders from your computer to this location.

Side-load the CoPilot app on a device

The CoPilot app can also be downloaded as a ZIP file from the partner portal. In this example, we will download the standalone CoPilot app. To download the file:

  1. Select B2B > Standalone & SDK > Android > CoPilot v10.
  2. Select to download the ZIP file titled {version number} This file name varies depending on the CoPilot build you are downloading. (CPIK, SDK, etc.)
  3. Follow the instructions above to unzip the file.
  4. Copy the CoPilot installation file (com.alk.copilot.apk) to the Internal Storage of the device where you want to install CoPilot.
  5. Tap that file to initiate the installation. Tap Install to confirm.
  6. Once CoPilot is installed, tap Open to launch it. 

Step 5: Log in to CoPilot

When CoPilot is first opened, you will be asked to approve location permission in order to use it. Depending on your licensing type, you will need to enter either:

Login credentials from Trimble Maps Account Manager.

Or a Product Key (Legacy Installations)