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Navigation Screen

Main Menu

Add Stops

Plan a Trip with Multiple Stops

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Navigation Screen

Most of the time using CoPilot will be spent on this screen. 

Main Menu

Tapping on will open up the Main Menu. From here you can access different driving views (2D, 3D or Safety View), view or change your route, plan a trip, and clear your stop.

Add Stops

By Address

(CoPilot 10.26 and lower)

In the main menu, tap to search. In the Find Location screen, tap Address

  • Start to type the city, town name, or zip code of the destination.
  • As you type, the names of cities or towns that match what you have entered will be displayed. When the name of the place you want to go to appears in the list, tap it to set as your destination.
  • Type in street address with number and select.
  • You can also choose to skip this step and go to town or city center, or select a cross street to navigate to an intersection.

(CoPilot 10.27 and Higher)

In newer versions of CoPilot, full addresses can be entered directly into a single search bar.

  • As you type, addresses that match what you have entered will be displayed. When the name of the place you want to go to appears in the list, tap it to set as your destination.

Search for Places

In the Find Location menu, three quick-select options will be displayed below recent addresses:

  1. Truck Services
  2. Company Places (If assigned to your vehicle group)
  3. Truck Stops

To find additional types of Places, tap . Through that menu, you can also tap on Company Places and see a breakdown of those places by type, depending on how your company organized them—for example, "Customer Locations," "Company Approved Fuel Stops," etc. 

Tap on Nearby at the top of the screen and choose from:

  • Nearby - to find Places that are close to your current location.
  • On My Route - to find Places along your route.
  • Other City - for Places in a certain city or town.

Select a Place from the list. More information about the Place will be displayed. You can choose to:

  • Add to Favorites - to save the Place as a favorite.
  • Set Destination - to enter the Place as your destination.
  • Show Map - view the Place location on the map.

Pick a Stop on the Map

In the Main Menu, from the map view:

  • Tap and drag the map to pan and pinch the map or use zoom buttons until you find your destination.
  • Tap the nearest street to the location on the map.

An info box will open only when a point on a street is selected:

  • Tap the info box to display more details about that location.
  • Tap the plus sign to add the location as a stop.

Plan a Trip with Multiple Stops

CoPilot lets you plan a route with multiple stops. Here’s how:

  • In the Main Menu, tap .
  • Select Add Stop .
  • Enter the destination.
  • Tap  to enter more stops.

Delete a Stop

Once you’ve entered a destination, you can always delete it from your itinerary if you no longer wish to go there.

  • Select the destination you want to delete.
  • Tap the "x" next to delete it from the trip.

Save a Trip

It's helpful to save trips you make regularly so that you can quickly access them at any time.

  • Tap .
  • Click Save Trip.
  • Enter a name for the trip and tap Save.

Load a Trip

If you’ve already saved a trip, you can easily re-load it anytime.

  • Tap .
  • Click Load Trip.
  • Select the trip that you would like to load and then tap Open.
  • To remove the saved trip, tap Delete.

Start Your Trip

Once you've added all of your stops, tap Calculate to generate your route and tap to begin navigation.


If CoPilot is integrated into your company's workflow.

  • Vehicle Routing Profiles, which are the settings CoPilot uses to generate the best route for your type of vehicle, can be created and sent through workflow.
  • The driver can either be assigned a profile or select one. 
  • Stops can be sent to CoPilot.

All the driver needs to do is tap to begin navigation.

Please see the CoPilot User Guide for a complete overview of all the features and settings available.