CoPilot online user guide

Additional guides (in .pdf format)

  1. CoPilot Search by Place ID - CLICK HERE
    Search by Place ID is a new way for drivers to add stops to their trip plan. In addition to the other manual stopentry options, drivers can now also enter in a unique Place ID in CoPilot and add the matching custom Place totheir trip.

  2. CoPilot Routing to a Site - CLICK HERE
    A Site extends a location from just a name and address to include a boundary polygon around its perimeter, entry and exit points(gates), and other valuable information. For example, a Site could be a warehouse, a shopping mall, a distribution center, a yard, a business park, and more. Routing to a Site can provide more accurate directions and time and distance estimates, as well as other details a driver needs to avoid getting lost, feeling stressed or wasting time.