Trimble Maps offers a suite of web tools that enhance CoPilot. These tools allow you to make sure your fleet is operating with consistent settings for routing (Account Manager); create custom location content (ContentTools); track your fleet’s route compliance (RouteReporter); and submit suggestions for map updates (MapSure).

You will be notified at the time of your CoPilot purchase if you are licensed for these tools. They can be accessed with the same login information you use with the Account Manager. You will receive separate "Welcome" emails with links to these tools:

  • Account Manager: Account Manager allows you to remotely create CoPilot vehicle settings, such as Vehicle Routing Profiles, and then assign those settings to specific groups of vehicles or drivers. Account Manager data is generally maintained by a fleet administrator.
  • ContentTools: Content Tools allows you to create, manage and share custom location and routing content with CoPilot. A company can assign one or more administrators to monitor the content as well as individual contributors to add to it. Content is shared with CoPilot via settings in Account Manager.
  • RouteReporter: RouteReporter provides visibility of your fleet’s planned and post-trip routing activity. You can easily view and analyze data from vehicles in the field over a specified time, helping to ensure true route compliance and measure driver performance. (Requires additional license for route compliance.)
  • MapSure: MapSure is an easy-to-use, online map reporting tool you can use to help improve the accuracy of our maps by updating road names, turn restrictions, and truck attributes such as HazMat restrictions, truck dimensions and much more.