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CoPilot Map Downloads

Custom Mapsets

Using Mapsets

CoPilot Map Downloads

CoPilot's maps are stored on the device, which is why you are required to download maps during the initial setup process.

At any point in the future, you can download additional maps or remove existing maps. (Applicable licenses are required.) 

1. From the Quick Menu, tap MyCoPilot. The MyCoPilot screen is displayed.

2. Tap My Maps. The My Maps screen is displayed, showing the geographical groups of maps.

3. Tap the required map group. For example, if you want a map of France, tap the Europe group. The map group is displayed. Downloaded maps are indicated by the red circle with the white X.

4. Tap a map to download it.

TIP: Tap Map info to view information on what geographical areas each covers.

5. You can remove downloaded maps by tapping them.

6. If multiple map data regions exist on the device you will also see Switch Maps, for instance NA and EU maps.

Custom Mapsets

(Requires CoPilot 10.19 and Higher. U.S. and Canada Only.)

You can create custom mapsets in FleetPortal and assign those custom sets to only the CoPilot vehicle groups that require those maps. This feature can help save disk space on your devices running CoPilot, and it can reduce the time and wireless data needed to download maps and map updates. 

For example, if you have a group that only operates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you could create a mapset for just those two states and assign it to that group. Read more about creating mapsets in Fleetportal.

Using Mapsets

Each time CoPilot launches, or at the FleetPortal Sync Interval set in a Configuration Profile, CoPilot will check whether it has been assigned any mapsets. Depending on whether or not you already have maps on the device, you will see one of two messages:

  • Initial download with no maps on the device
  • Download of updated mapsets

Mapsets are automatically downloaded in the background of CoPilot. Any existing maps or mapsets on the device will be replaced. When using mapsets, CoPilot will no longer display the MyCoPilot > My Maps feature. 

To view which maps are installed on the device, tap Settings > About CoPilot. For example, the device shown below includes maps of Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.