During your trip, you can view traffic conditions ahead, along the first part of your route.

Tap the traffic bar to display the Traffic Map.

Alternate Route

You can also use CoPilot to calculate an alternate route that will reduce the traffic delay.

  • Tap Alternate Route to use CoPilot to see if there is a quicker route. If there is, CoPilot will suggest an alternate route if available.

If CoPilot cannot find a better route, an explanatory message is displayed.

Traffic Alerts

ActiveTraffic can provide traffic alerts. For example, if there is a traffic incident reported which will affect your journey, CoPilot will display a warning and, where possible, offer you an alternate route.

You can either:

  • Tap Accept to follow the new route; or
  • Tap View to see the alternate route on the Traffic Map. You can then begin navigating by tapping the green navigation button.