(Applicable license required) 

The ActiveTraffic service uses real-time traffic information to intelligently calculate the fastest route to your destination, provide an accurate ETA, and help avoid delays.

1. From the Settings menu, tap ActiveTraffic .

2. On the Traffic screen, tap Enable Traffic Service to switch it on.

3. By default, once the traffic service has been enabled, a traffic bar is displayed to the right of the map. You can switch it off by tapping Display Traffic Bar.

When ActiveTraffic has been enabled, when you plan a route, the map will show you:

1. Where, on the route, there are traffic delays. The color coding listed below is used to indicate severity:

  • Green = Clear conditions, roads are flowing as expected.
  • Amber = Expect a moderate delay to your journey.
  • Red = Expect to encounter heavy traffic.
  • Black = Road closed and needs to be avoided.

2. How much time, in minutes, those delays will add to your trip.