The Weeks to Save Data field allows Company administrators to specify the number of weeks to retain route compliance information. 

  • By default, all accounts are set to retain compliance data for 157 weeks 
  • The compliance data is made available by rolling weeks from the date of account setup. Every day at UTC - 5:00, the older compliance data which doesn’t match the policy of the customer will be discarded.
    • For example, if the compliance data is set to be retained for 157 weeks, at the end of Week 158 all data for Week 1 is discarded.  Data for weeks 2 through 158 can be accessed by CoPilot RouteReporter users
  • Note that once the data is discarded, it is irretrievable

Editing the Weeks to Save Data/Data Retention Policy

Company administrators can edit the default number of weeks to retain compliance data. When the policy is edited:

  • An email marked as urgent will be sent out to all company administrators for the account that a change has been made to the data retention policy
  • There will be a 7 day grace  period until the policy will go into effect. For example, if a change to the policy is made at 11/19 @ 5pm, the data anonymization and archive process will not occur until 11/26 at midnight UTC - 5:00
  • During the grace  period, a banner notification will be displayed each time a company administrator logs in to CoPilot FleetPortal regarding the change in data retention policy

What happens when duration of the Data Retention Policy is reduced?

If a company administrator reduces the duration of the data availability policy, all data older than the policy value will be discarded immediately.

  • For Example: If the active duration was data availability for 26 weeks and a change is made to reduce this to 12 weeks, when the change goes into effect (after the 7-day grace period from request date), any data older than 12 weeks will not be accessible by the account user. 

What happens when duration of the Data Retention Policy is extended?

If a company administrator increases the value of the policy, the data will start to build to the new policy value. Please note that if any data was previously discarded, that data will not be recoverable.

  • If the active duration of data retention is 12 weeks and a change is made to increase this to 26 weeks, when the change goes into effect (after the 7-day grace  period from request date), data older than 12 weeks will be accessible by account users as it starts building up in the live database. 
    • For example, If this change request is made effective at start of week 36, then the data visible will be from week 24-36 during Week 36 and keep building up until Week 50 during which customers can access the 26 weeks old (from weeks 24-50) data