• In the main menu, tap Go To > Address
  • Start to type the city, town name, or zip code of the destination
  • As you type, the names of cities or towns that match what you have entered will be displayed. When the name of the place you want to go to appears in the list, tap it to set it as your destination.
  • Start to type the street name. The names of streets that match those found within the city or town name you selected above will be displayed. Select the street name within the list as your destination.
  • Enter the address number and tap it to set it as your destination.
  • You can also choose to skip this step and go to the town or city center, or select a cross street to navigate to an intersection.
  • Tap GO to begin navigating.


Use coordinates to enter a specific location as a destination.

  • In the Go To menu, tap Coordinates.
  • You can enter a destination using Decimal Degrees.
  • Enter the latitude and longitude values in the format that you are asked for and then tap Next.
  • Tap GO to begin navigating there

Points of Interest

  • In the Go To menu, select Points of Interest.
  • The most frequently used Points of Interest (POI) categories will be displayed:
    • Truck Services
    • Restaurant
    • Hotels
  • To find additional types of POIs, tap More Categories or Search All Tap on Search Nearby at the top of the screen and choose from:
    • Nearby – to find POIs that are close to your current location
    • On My Route – to find POIs along your route
    • In Different City – for POIs in a certain city or town
  • Select a POI from the list. More information about the POI will be displayed. You can choose to:
    • Add to Favorites – to save the POI as a Favorite
    • Set Destination – to enter the POI as your destination
    • Show Map – view the POI location on the map

Browse Map

  • In the Go To menu, tap Browse Map
  • Drag the map to pan, or pinch the map to zoom in or out, until you find your destination.
  • Tap the location on the map.

An info box will show the location on the map.

  • Tap on the info box to bring up more details about that location.
  • Tap Set Destination.
  • Tap GO to start navigating there.