CoPilot FleetPortal administrators can now track their fleet of vehicles connected to CoPilot FleetPortal in order to receive any updates. To access the Vehicle Summary Report: 

  • Click the Company Administration button in the top menu ribbon.
  • Click the Vehicles tab.
  • Click Vehicle Summary to download the Vehicle Summary Report.

The report is a comma separated list (.csv file) of all vehicles with detailed information for each vehicle, including:

  • Vehicle ID
  • Vehicle Name
  • Created On: When the device was added to the FleetPortal account.
  • Last Connection: The last time the vehicle connected to CoPilot FleetPortal to receive updates.
  • App Version: The version of CoPilot the device is using.
  • Device Status: Whether the device is available for use (Active or Inactive).
  • Map Version: The map data version of CoPilot being used within the vehicle.