A company may need Vehicle Groups assigned for specific branch locations, regions, assets, local or long haul delivery assignments, etc. Having vehicle groups helps the fleet administrator remotely configure the vehicle routing profile to be used within CoPilot in a group of vehicles—thus eliminating the need to configure one vehicle at a time.

Click on the Vehicle Groups button.  

In the Vehicle Groups page, click on    to create a new vehicle group.

Add Group Name 

Assign a name to the Vehicle Group. It is recommended to create and apply vehicle routing profiles to specific vehicle groups. This will simplify the vehicle routing profile choices for drivers and isolate the set up to more easily control changes.  

NOTE: If vehicle routing profiles are setup to go into every vehicle group and you have vehicles in multiple groups, the last routing profile set that was changed is what will go down to the vehicle. For this reason, it is recommended to set up vehicle groups specifically for vehicle routing profiles.

Add Vehicles 

Click   to add vehicles to this group.

Check the vehicles that should belong to this group and click on OK.

Click    when completed.

Assign Configuration and Vehicle Routing Profiles

Click the Profiles tab and select a Configuration Profile from the drop down list.

Under Vehicle Routing Profiles, click    and check the box next to the Vehicle Routing Profiles that you would like to assign to this Vehicle Group. 

NOTE: Each Vehicle Group can be assigned only one Configuration Profile, but one or more vehicle routing profiles. 

Assign Avoids/Favors Sets and Custom Place Sets

Click on the Avoids/Favors tab and click  to assign Avoids/Favors sets created using Content Tools.

Click on Custom Place Sets tab and click to assign Custom Place sets created using Content Tools.