Note: If you purchased CoPilot through your telematics solution provider, your vehicles may automatically be imported into FleetPortal.

Vehicles or drivers to be managed via FleetPortal can be added or viewed in the Company Administration page. 


Add Single Vehicles

Click on the Vehicles tab in the Company Administration page to add new vehicles.

  • Click on New to open a new page with fields to enter Vehicle ID and Vehicle Name.

  • Enter the details and click on Save.  Repeat the process to add additional vehicles.

  • You can also use the import function to upload multiple vehicles. (Please see below)

  • Click on the pencil and paper icon to edit or trash can icon to delete a vehicle after it has been saved.

Upload Multiple Vehicles

Multiple vehicles can be uploaded all at once using a comma separated (.csv) file with Vehicle Names, Vehicle IDs and Vehicle Groups. To start, under the Vehicles tab, click Import to open the Vehicle Import screen. 

Click Choose File, select a comma separated file (.csv) file, and click Upload to save multiple vehicles. 

Import .CSV File Requirements

  • The file should have these three column headers: Vehicle ID, Vehicle Name, and Vehicle Groups. (You can also click Download sample import file to download a template for how the .csv file should look.) 
  • Vehicle ID and Vehicle Name should only have one value, but each Vehicle ID can be assigned to multiple groups. If the Vehicle ID doesn't belong to any group, then the Vehicle Groups column can be left empty. 
  • If a vehicle belongs to multiple groups, then the groups can be listed in the .csv using a pipe (|) separated list. For example, the file below will add rmm123 to the vehicle Group1, Group2 and Group3. If those groups don't already exist on the account, it will create those groups. If they already exist, then it will reuse those groups.
  • Whichever groups were last assigned to the Vehicle ID in the imported file will be used in FleetPortal. In the example above, rmm123 was assigned to  Group1, Group2 and Group3. If you later import a .csv with the same vehicle assigned to different groups—say, Group4, Group5 and Group6—it will remove rmm123 from Group1, Group2 and Group3, and reassign it to Group4, Group5 and Group6.

Add Drivers 

NOTE: This feature is not available for all FleetPortal users.

Click on the Drivers tab in the Company Administration page to add new Drivers to CoPilot FleetPortal.

  • Click on New to open a new page with fields to enter Driver ID and Name.
  • Enter the details and click Save. Repeat the process to add more drivers.
  • You can also use the import function to upload multiple Drivers. The instructions are the same as above for importing multiple vehicles, except the column headers will be: Driver ID, Driver Name, and Driver Groups.
  • Click on the pencil or trash can icons to edit a driver's information after it has been saved.

View Vehicles or Drivers

Vehicles or drivers that you have previously added to FleetPortal, or have been automatically added to FleetPortal via your telematics solution, can be viewed on the Company Administration page. 

Check the Show Only Active Vehicles checkbox to display only Vehicle IDs that are currently associated with a Vehicle Nameeliminating the display of any older Vehicle IDs that were associated with the same Name. This can occur when a telematics device has been replaced in a truck, which changes the Vehicle ID in FleetPortal but not the Vehicle Name.