FleetPortal is a web tool you can use to ensure all of your vehicles—or specific groupings of vehicles—are running CoPilot with the same settings, maps, and custom location data. It allows fleet managers to remotely configure CoPilot settings such as vehicle routing profiles and mapsets, and to assign those settings to vehicle and driver groups within the fleet. (Otherwise, settings need to be entered individually on each device running CoPilot.)

The core features provided by FleetPortal are:

  • Create Vehicle Routing Profiles and Configuration Profiles
  • Create Vehicle Groups and Driver Groups
  • Assign Vehicle Routing Profiles to Vehicle Groups
  • Assign Configuration Profiles to Vehicle Groups
  • Assign sets of custom data (Custom Places and Route Modifiers) to Vehicle Groups

NOTE: Not all CoPilot resellers may be able to provide CoPilot FleetPortal. Only those customers working with our reseller partners who have enabled CoPilot FleetPortal functionality shall be provided access to this product.