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Use the Reports tab to analyze the route compliance information.

Step 1: Select a Vehicle or Driver Group

You can toggle between Vehicle and Driver Groups by selecting the Vehicles or Drivers button.

Use the Filter to quickly search for a vehicle or driver group by their name, or click View All Vehicles/Drivers to see the entire list. The number of vehicles within each group is displayed next to the vehicle or driver group name.

Click on a vehicle or driver group name to select and view the information related to the vehicles or drivers within that group.

Step 2: Select one or more vehicles

Date Range: Select a date range for which you would like to view the routes taken by one or a group of vehicles. The max range is 34 days. On FleetPortal's Company Administration page, you can set Weeks to Save Data for how long you want your data stored. The default and max value is 157 weeks. 

Vehicles: You can view information related to the routes taken by selecting one or more vehicles in the group.

Filter Selection: In this example, a vehicle by the name RF_Truck_1 has been searched and selected.

Hide Routes with no Events: ‘Events’ here refers to the vehicle Out-of-Route events. Check this box to eliminate all records associated with the selected vehicle that are fully compliant with the planned route.

Hide Routes with Unpredictable Data: CoPilot might send back inaccurate GPS data points which could result in inaccurate calculation of total distance and display of the route on RouteReporter. Checking this option eliminates displaying routes that may contain outliers.

Step 3: Route Compliance Analysis

In the Compliance Reports panel, use the filters to narrow down the search by using one or a combination of vehicle name, route source, and routing profile used.

At the bottom of the Compliance Reports panel, click on CSV to download the compliance report. Click on Print to print the compliance information displayed.

Exporting Reports

If you select View All Vehicles/Drivers, you can click Export All to receive a compliance report via email for the selected Date Range. The report is sent as a .CSV file to the email address used to log in to RouteReporter. It includes all of the same details as the Compliance Reports panel.