CoPilot relies on GPS satellite signals to locate you on the map and to provide turn-by-turn guidance to your destination. To check the current status of your device's GPS reception, select Settings > GPS.

The GPS Status screen displays the information received from your device's GPS receiver. You can see your current latitude and longitude position, the time and date, your speed and your elevation.

GPS Receiver

CoPilot will automatically use your device's built in GPS receiver for navigation.

GPS Performance

It's important that the location, date and time are set correctly on your device to ensure that the GPS information you receive is accurate. The first time you use a GPS receiver it may take a few minutes to determine your current position. In future, your position will be found much faster.

To ensure you have the best possible GPS reception, make sure that your device has a clear line of sight to the sky. You may not be able to get a GPS signal inside buildings, garages and basements.

CoPilot can use enhanced positioning technology to provide continued guidance when you're driving in a tunnel.