In states that allow 53-foot trailers without special permits, there may be situations where you want to route along U.S. highways, rather than taking longer routes on interstates that are part of the National Network.

This type of routing can be accomplished by changing a couple of settings in CoPilot’s Vehicle Routing Profile in FleetPortal.

1. Create a New Profile and, under Vehicle Dimensions > Truck Dimensions, select Custom Size.

2. Leave the Total Length unchanged at 53 and change the Road Network to None.

3. When you change the Road Network, you will get a warning that we recommend the National Network for trucks with a Total Length of more than 48 feet. For this reason, you should only use this modified routing profile in areas where you are sure 53-foot routing is allowed outside of the National Network. (For example, we do not recommend using this profile along the East and West coasts, where states generally enforce National Network routing.)

4. Give the new profile a name that will clearly identify it as only valid where 53-foot routing is allowed. (For example,  “53’ Not Enforced”) Otherwise, use the standard 53’ Trailer or Twins profile everywhere else where the National Network is enforced.