February 2021

A new Configure Fleet screen has been added to Account Manager. It allows you to create Vehicle Routing Profiles and assign them to Vehicle Groups running CoPilot.

September 2020

The Dashboard has been reconfigured to have the following screens:

  • Assets (previously called Users)
  • Account Settings (previously called My Account)
  • User Access. This new section allows you to assign which people can access Account Manager and other web tools you selected at the time you purchased CoPilot.

July 2020

Slider bars were added to the My Account screen that allow you to set whether to:

  • Share anonymized location and route information with Trimble MAPS to help improve the future accuracy of our maps, routing and ETA calculations. (Available in CoPilot 10.19 and Higher.)
  • Share trip data with Trimble MAPS Support in the event they need to investigate any routing issues. (Available in CoPilot 10.19 and Higher.)