For large fleets loading CoPilot onto their devices via mobile device management (MDM), we offer URL launch as a way to authenticate the device and obtain the license. This allows a driver to open CoPilot and begin navigating without ever needing to enter login credentials.

Example Format


The company identifier for the Account Manager assigned by Trimble MAPS.alphanumericY
The Username for the device created when it was added to the Account Manager. Depending on how you set up your account, the Username may be an EmailInventory IDPhoneDriver ID/Employee ID, or Vehicle ID. alphanumericY
If set to true, a confirmation message will be shown if CompanyID and Username are correctly set. Default is false.booleanN

Other URL Launch Capabilities

URL launch can also be used to pass in location information for stops on a route and to configure FleetPortal settings. Technical documentation for these features can be found in our CoPilot developer portal