Individual users can be edited or deleted in the Account Manager. You can also re-assign MileOn and CoPilot licenses from one user to another, without deleting a user.  

Delete a User

  1. Click the trash can icon next to the user’s name, and click Confirm Delete to confirm that you want to remove him or her. 
  2. The user will be removed and his or her licenses will be unassigned and available for other users. He or she will no longer be able to use MileOn or CoPilot on the company account.

Edit a User

If you need to change a user’s information:

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the user’s name.
  2. A dialog will pop up where you can edit the user's information. This includes checking or unchecking the boxes that determine which licenses are assigned to that user. Note: If you change the 

  3. Click Add User to update the user's information. 

Change a User

If you want to re-assign a license from one user to another:

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the name of the user from whom you'd like to remove a license. A dialog will pop up with the user's information. 
  2. Under Assign Products, uncheck the box next to the license you'd like to remove.
  3. Click Save User. Any licenses you have removed are now available for another user.
  4. Those licenses can be re-assigned by adding a new user (link to that article), or editing an existing user (see above).