Users can be edited or deleted in the Account Manager. You can also re-assign MileOn and CoPilot Truck with ActiveTraffic licenses from one user to another, without deleting a user.  

If you are using CoPilot through a telematics provider, your users cannot be edited in the Account Manager. User information is pulled from your telematics solution.

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Managing Individual Users

Managing Multiple Users

Managing Individual Users

Edit or Delete a User

Individual users can be edited or deleted in the Edit User panel of the User Details screen. To open User Details, hover your cursor over the row in the Users panel containing the user's information. It will turn blue. Click anywhere on the row to open the User Details screen. 

Edit a User

If you need to change a user’s information:

  1. In the Edit User panel, enter the changes you would like to make to the user's information. 
  2. Click on Save & Close to update the user's information. 

Delete a User

If you would like to remove a user:

  1. In the Edit User panel, click on the red trash icon and then Delete to confirm. 
  2. The user will be removed and the user's licenses will be unassigned and available for other users.

Change a User

You can also re-assign a license from one user to another in the Assign Products panel in the User Details screen.

  1. Under the Assign column, uncheck the box next to the license you'd like to remove.
  2. Any licenses you have removed are now available for another user.
  3. Those licenses can be re-assigned by adding a new user, or by checking one of the product boxes under the Assign column for an existing user. 

Managing Multiple Users

A user's information can only be edited individually, as described above. However, multiple users can be assigned or unassigned licenses, invited to join the company account, or deleted all at once. 

  1. Select the users you would like to manage by checking the boxes next to their names in the Users panel.
  2. Once you select at least two users, buttons will appear that allow you to Assign and Un-Assign licenses and Invite and Delete the users you have selected from the company account.
  3. Choose Assign, and a drop-down menu will allow you to choose which licenses to assign to the selected users.
  4. Choose Un-Assign, and a drop-down menu will allow you to choose which licenses to remove from the selected users. Once removed, they will no longer be able to use MileOn or CoPilot on the company account.
  5. Choose Invite, and the selected users will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on how to download and activate the app or apps you have previously assigned them. 
  6. Choose Delete to remove the selected users. Once deleted, they will no longer be able to use MileOn or CoPilot on the company account.