May 2019

April 2019

December 2018

Release Date: May 2019


Search results now include matches with custom place names.

A new field was added for country information when creating or importing custom places. 

ISO Alpha-2 country codes can be used when importing custom places in Europe.

The design of the display panel for places has been updated. 

Release Date: April 2019


The default gate type has been removed and a user must now select a type when adding a gate to a site.


Instructions in the user interface for how to select multiple roads when creating a Route Modifier have been updated. Also, an information box was also added that notes that a 53' Semitrailer is the default routing profile used for gate paths to a site.


When importing places via .csv file in the European (EU) region, the “state” column will instead display “country.”


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused the name of a place to appear twice when viewing ALK Places in Content Tools.

Release Date: December 2018

New Features

When you import a set of Route Modifiers, you can now replace an existing set with that imported set. Choose the Replace Set button and then select the set you want to replace. 


The Manage Places and Manage Route Modifiers buttons are now more clearly labeled in the top ribbon to show that you can select them to create or edit content.

The icons for an Entry Path  and Exit Path  from a Site have been updated.