Release Date: August 2019


  • In the Reports tab: 
    • In the Route Compliance panel, the View All Vehicles and View All Drivers buttons have been updated so they can be more easily identified by users. 
    • In the Compliance Reports tab, fields for Driver ID and Driver Name have been added for fleets that track compliance by driver rather than by vehicle.  
  • When a Route Compliance report is exported as a .CSV file, it now lists Routing Profiles by name, rather than by an ID number. 

Release Date: December 2018

New Features

Improved Route Visualization, including:

  • (Requires CoPilot 10.7 or higher) Additional details for GPS pings and stop locations: The info box that pops up when you click on a GPS ping or a stop location now provides additional information. For GPS pings, details include the ping number (order in which it was received), latitude/longitude coordinates, time, speed, direction and altitude. For stops, information includes the address, coordinates and time. 

  • (Requires CoPilot 10.7 or higher) New directional icons: RouteReporter’s icons have been updated to help you better visualize the direction a vehicle traveled. GPS ping icons now point to the vehicle’s heading; arrows have been added to show a vehicle’s actual route; and new icons show where a vehicle left (red icon) and re-joined (green icon) the planned route.



(Requires CoPilot 10 and higher) Vehicle Routing Profile Information: RouteReporter is now better able to identify the Vehicle Routing Profile used to create a route. In cases where the profile is not known, a drop-down of possible profiles will be provided so you can run tests if you need to determine which profile was used.