Content Tools includes thousands of pre-defined ALK Places for intermodal terminals, truck stops, manufacturing plants and distribution centers. These Places are created and updated by our team of geographic information system (GIS) map data experts.  

ALK Places can be viewed in Content Tools, but they cannot be edited. They can be used in route planning and navigation in the same ways as custom Places that you create. (Learn more about using Places in PC*MILER and CoPilot Fleetportal). 

Viewing ALK Places

Select Manage Places in the top menu ribbon. In the Place Sets panel, click on ALK Places. 

Place Set Panel Features

  • Click on to navigate to the list of ALK Places.

  • Click on(toggle button) to view the places on the map.

  • Search for a Place Set or Places using the filter option. To search for a set, start typing the name.

  • Click on Frame All  to view the selected Place Set on the zoomed-in map area. The frame set option is enabled only when the toggle button is switched on for a particular set.

  • Click on  to cluster places close to each other.

Note: The ellipsis  button, which is used to edit custom Places, is disabled for ALK Places.