You can change and upgrade your CoPilot account from the My Account screen.

1. From the Quick Menu, tap MyCoPilot  to display the MyCoPilot screen.

2. Tap My Account to access the account options.

Changing Your CoPilot ID and Password

1. To change your user ID, under ACCOUNT INFO, tap your current user ID. The Edit CoPilot ID screen displays your current user ID.

2. To change your user ID, delete your existing ID and enter the new one.

3. Enter your password to verify your account.

If you have forgotten your password, tap Forgot password? and you will be given instructions how to reset your password. Tap Done. A message is displayed confirming your user ID has been changed.

To Change Your Password

1. On the My Account screen, under ACCOUNT INFO, tap the line of asterisks which represent your password.

2. On the Change Password screen, enter your current password.

3. Enter your new password and confirm it. 

4. Tap Submit. A confirmation message is displayed.

Changing Your Privacy Settings

1. On the My Account screen, under ACCOUNT SETTINGS, tap Privacy Settings.

2. Tap Our Privacy Policy to view the CoPilot privacy policy. By default, CoPilot does not collect usage or location information from your device. If you want to help us improve CoPilot, tap Help us improve CoPilot.

NOTE: By sending us your position and usage information, we are able to constantly improve your experience with CoPilot. Your location details and usage information are kept private and are never shared with anyone else. Once switched on, you can still choose to opt out of automatically sending us your position and usage information, by tapping Help us improve CoPilot, to switch it off.

Upgrading CoPilot

You can upgrade your CoPilot account, for example, by entering an ActiveTraffic license.

1. From the My Account screen, tap Upgrade.

2. On the Activation screen, enter your product key and then tap the right arrow button.