There are many ways to plan a trip and find a specific address or location. Below is an example of how to plan a simple trip. 

1. Tap the search button.

2. Tap Address to search for a specific street address.

3. Enter the city or ZIP/Postcode. (CoPilot suggests locations as you type.)

4. Tap to select the city or ZIP/Postcode. 

5. Enter a street address. CoPilot suggests addresses as you type.

6. Tap the address to select it.

7. The map screen displays the location.

8. Tap the green button to start navigation. The zoomed in map of the location is displayed.

TIP: You can zoom in on your start or end destination. Tap either point on the map, and then tap the blue arrow on the tooltip.

NOTE: You may be asked to accept a safety, or driving restriction warning. For example, you might receive a notification that your journey takes you onto a toll road, or into a congestion charge area.